Sunday, December 05, 2004


I moved!! To HERE!

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Hey! I have a new affy HazelyN she is a good buddy of mine! >0< I just got back from the mall! YAY SHOPPING! It was fun! I spent most of my time in bath & body works testing lotions (ahh...they smell good!!)
Well there was also a model in abercrombie *drools* uhh...anyway it was fun too he was taking pictures with people! OMG! The 2nd InuYasha movie is coming out in America! (castle beyond the looking glass) I've seen the first movie and that was good this one is supposed to be the best (due to a romantic moment between IY and Kagome...eep!!)


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Cocoa has been unfaithful

I haven't updated you in forever!! I've been doing layouts and graphics and working at different sites...Anywoo guess what?? My dog chewed through like all my underwear!! JUST MINE!! *is upset* So I'm getting underwear for christmas!! haha!! My life's funny IF YOUR NOT ME!! @_____@ Anywoos I got a new layout *looks at it* It's quite pretty actually I didn't make this one but hey! It's pretty anyway! Thanksgiving was a weird day everyone tried to get my to eat turkey [me=vegetarian] Oh well. I gotta go it's late and I have homework [in kentucky it's 9:33]

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Daily Ramblings

Okay hello it's Sunday! Which means school...AHHH! I have to do a lot of make-up work too from missing friday..That sucks oh well...Okay I can't wait until thanksgiving break! ^^!! Actuall I can't wait until Christmas!! I love Pressies!! But also cause of the food and the togetherness of it all! I can't wait until I can get me some manga!! Manga rocks!! Anywho I love love love Chocolate!! I've eaten it non-stop since halloween! Well! TTYL
Talk to ya later!
Don't ya just love marquees?

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Hello somehow my blog got lost...I guess so I just re-opend it! I'm sick!! Dang it! Oh well...So I opend my graphics site but need despretly to switch host! Seriously I am not feeling well (duh)!! I wanna go somewhere! But anywhoo I have been making layouts for like five people! :p haha I love it! I LOVE doing graphics for people well TTYL!

Recaps and FFA

Okay lets recap from thursday! I was in a greenhand (ffa) ceremony thingy and I was in a competition and guess what! I didn't win! Not even 3rd place! Of course everyone was talking about how either Myself or Mychal would win but noooo she got 2nd place and she didn't mess up at all! She was great! I should have at least gotten 3rd! okay enough of that! I was even dressed pretty okay! A big white comfy sweater and a black sort-of-mini skirt! I looked good too! Okay!!! Anyway I'm thinking of something like having my own domain! Not sure though! My foots asleep, Lol! You know what I just can't stand? When people type LiKe ThIs! It gives me a headache! Oh well powerpuff girls are so cool yes? I can't wait until later when my anime's come on! YuYu Hakusho,etc.
Good-Bye 4 Now